Employee Benefits

We can provide advice on the following for small companies through to larger organisations. We have a specialist award winning team who are able to offer advice on your Employee Benefit needs.

Group Income Protection – designed to pay staff regular monthly income if they become long term sick or suffer from disability. Some providers include EAPs with this scheme. Premiums are normally allowable as a business expense, and are not classed as a benefit in kind for the employees.

Group Critical Illness – this can be arranged on a company sponsored or voluntary (employee paid) basis. These plans provide a lump sum payment in the event of the diagnosis of certain illnesses like cancer, heart attack, stroke.

Death in Service – this is a valuable benefit by employees and provides a tax free lump sum to a dependant of a member of staff who dies whilst in service. This lump sum is a multiple of their salary for eg: 2 or 4 times salary. Providing this scheme goes a long way as an employer showing care for their staff.

Benefit for employers :

  • generally very low percentage of payroll costs
  • may be allowed as a business expense hence eligible for corporation tax relief
  • employees do not pay tax as not treated as benefit in kind
  • no inheritance tax liability

Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP) – Employee benefit program intending to help employees deal with personal problems that might adversely impact their work performance, health and wellbeing. EAP's include assessment, short- term counselling and referral services for employees and their immediate family. Telephone counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy, telephone based bereavement counselling, manager support, legal guidance, medical information, specialist advice on buying a house, consumer issues, relocation, etc.

Keyman Insurance – cover that will pay a key employee of the business on death or prolonged illness . Scheme is held, owned and paid for by the company but the life assured is the Key person to the Business. This can be on life or upon diagnosis of a critical illness.

Flexible Benefits – the above plans can form part of a flexible benefits package. We can provide advice on the implementation of a suitable platform for your flexible benefits.